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I am so scared!

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I just found out I'm pregnant today. It was planned so I don't know why I'm freaking out. I am so scared that my 2.5 year old daughter will wean over this. I really do not want her to wean. She loves nursing so much, she nurses at least 20 times a day. I probably don't have much milk to begin with because I am nursing after reduction surgery and I haven't use the lact-aid or taken any galactogogues since she was 17 months old. Is it possible the drop in milk won't be noticeable? Has anyone had a child who nurses literally multiple times an hour wean during pregnancy? I can't picture her weaning but I am just so scared. I will be devastated if she stops nursing. It doesn't help that I can barely eat because I'm so nauseous. I am trying to drink a lot, mostly Powerade because water is making me nauseous alot of the time. But I drink water whenever I can stomach it. I have some more milk two tincture, should I start taking it now? Help!

Oh I wanted to add I have absolutely no nipple pain or sensitivity at all and I don't feel any aversions to nursing. I love nursing her just as much as normal.
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Congrats on your pregnancy!! It is possible that your dd would wean but unlikely right away since she is nursing so frequently and is quite attached to it. In fact the drop in milk may be minor as she is also nursing for other reasons such as being close to you and for comfort. She may continue to nurse throughout your pregnancy and beyond. I suggest getting a copy of "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" by Hillary Flowers and taking it day by day. You can't know now how you will feel in 6 months and although your dd nurses a lot now her frequency may change and that could be age-related more than pregnancy related too. My dd was 3 1/2 when I got pregnant and nursed several times a day. I am 15 weeks now - we have mutually cut down her nursings to bedtime only (mostly because I am getting uncomfortable) and she doesn't resist which makes me feel like she is ready to nurse less often. Enjoy your dd and your nursing relationship and try not to worry about changes too much right away as things usually will happen gradually.
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Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

Feeling ambivilant about a new pg is well within the range of normal, whether the pg was planned or not. Part of it is hormonal, and part of it is worry about the new baby/the old baby/coping with the pregnancy/dealing with birth/coping with 2 babies after etc etc etc. There might even be an element of "darn, I can't TTC anymore

I'm not familiar with More Milk Two- is that designed to be used during pregnancy? I know that a lot of herbal galactalogues are not recomended for expectant moms. I wouldn't suggest taking any herbs for milk supply unless you or your child seems bothered by the lack of milk- why take even potential risks if there are no benefits?

I'd suggest just taking things one day at a time, and see how things go. See how you both feel about nursing as time goes on.
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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

to you!

In my experience, an avid nursling is more likely to keep nursing than one who nurses less frequently. It sounds as if you dd is the type to nurse whether or not there's much milk (like my almost-3 year old, who continues to nurse a zillion times a day!).

I'd advise against taking anything to increase milk supply until you check it out with a naturopath, midwife, or other health care provider first. Most are contraindicated during pregnancy.

Some moms find eating oatmeal helps with supply ... and make sure you stay hydrated!

I wish you luck on your pregnant nursing sounds like you've gotten off to a great start!
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I am 37 weeks pregnant and my milk supply totally dried up by 20 weeks. DS dramatically dropped his nursing from several times a day to 1x-2x per day max. But it was *his decision*. Now that my colostrum has come in, he is nursing more like 4x-5x a day... So even though I was *bone dry* DS still kept up with the nursing. He is 23 months BTW.
Just want to add that nursing during pregnancy presents a mental challenge to many as sometimes an aversion sets in... I definitely developed this and it was troubling and I worked through it, but I went from *loving* nursing DS to really hoping he wouldn't ask for it.
Anyway, good luck
and just keep in mind that if your DD drops multiple nursings, its her decision and you shouldn't feel guilty. YOu will soon have a baby to continue to nurse.

take care
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Well it's been 6 days and still no nipple soreness or aversion to nursing. I honestly don't feel any different about nursing at all. Hopefully this will keep up! I told Olivia about the baby and that the milkies might go away and she looked sad but then smiled and said "But I can still nursie!" so I think she's going to be okay.
I hope everything continues to go smoothly for your and dd throughout your pregnancy!
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And I'm so glad things are going smoothly with your nursling. I have no expertise to draw upon, but I can share my experience.

My dd was 2 yr. 5 mo. when I became preg. with dd2. She was an avid nurser, like yours. Over the course of my pregnancy I helped her reduce the number and length of nursing sessions (I really almost couldn't stand to nurse her at some points
: ), but my milk never went away and she continued to nurse until her sister was 1 y.o.

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