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I am soo envious!

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I (accidentially) talked a girl I grew up w/ into CDing her newborn twins that she is due w/any day now. Her mom called me the other day asking for recomendations. I gave her my ideas on how many/what kind to get and mentioned as the woman is local to us. Well, I ran into the mom while visitingmy parents yesterday and she mentioned that she called the woman at zannadu and got what she recomended for a newly CDing mom who will be CDing NB twins. The mom also said that she 'went a little overboard'. Can you imagine? I am almost green but at the same time so happy that her mom is being so supportive.

On a side note: a comment about CS - I've never ordered from that site but met the woman so I mentioned it to this mom - talk about AMAZING customer service. The mom called sometime around 10:00 Friday night, spoke w/the owner and the order was HAND DELIVERED the very next day - less than 24 hours later!
I was so impressed that even though I know no one will look at it, I set up my own registry w/ her for my little one due in Jan. just in case someone wants to know what to get me. Her prices are a little higher than others but her customer service certainly makes up for it.

Disclaimer: I don't know her and only met her once at a local LLL conference.
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