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I am soo stressed!

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DH and I are closing on our new house on Wednesday. I really hate having to move right now, but it was either that or with a newborn because we have to be out of our rental house by this summer. The whole experience has been so stressful, especially since I have done pretty much all of it from getting the mortgage, finding the house, picking a realtor, etc. DH basically has approved things and signed papers, besides that it's been all me.

Thankfully that part is almost over. Now comes the truly stressful part, moving! We are not actually taking possession until April 15 (note that my dd is May 2!!!!) so we'll be moving really close to the end. And I still don't have all my baby stuff ready yet! The actual moving part shouldn't be too bad, as a lot of our friends and family have offered to help, but the packing and unpacking are pretty much going to fall on me. And I haven't packed a thing yet, I don't even have any boxes. I've got to get started on that, but it's hard when I'm having to run here and there, to the doctor and dealing with house stuff plus normal errands, taking care of my increasingly clingy and nurse happy 3.5 yo ds, and keeping my current house clean enough to be liveable. Dh is really not a lot of help on anything because he's either working or at school most of the time. And he doesn't deal with stressful situations well anyway. He doesn't seem to understand that, yes, he's very busy and tired and doesn't have time to do a lot of fun stuff, but sometimes things have to get done anyway! Anyway, he's trying to save his time off for after the baby's born, so he can't really afford to take off anymore at this time. Thankfully he usually has Fridays off so he can help then.

Plus dh and MIL have finals the week we are moving! They are both in school getting their master's degrees. DH isn't really complaining about that, school is a cake walk to him for the most part. But my MIL is driving me crazy! SHe keeps saying she's going to be soooo stressed that week because she has finals. UGH! I'm like, well at least you don't have to move an entire household, take care of a 3.5 year old and hope you don't freaking go into labor before you get it all done! I just give her this blank stare when she starts that crap, and she still doesn't get it! I would kill to have finals (which btw she only has 2 classes) be my only worry at this time. I should be nice to her though because I'm sure she's going to be a lot of help to me this summer as she won't be having classes and has offered to help. Our other family members live too far away to help too much.

Wow, this turned out to be soo long, I guess I just need to vent! I can't even focus on the new baby and get excited about it, because I'm so worried that things won't be ready when she comes. Plus I know if I'm stuck in the house which is halfway unpacked and things are not how I'd like them and I'm not able to do anything about it, it's just going to drive me nuts and possibly contribute to PPD. Well, anyway, thanks for reading!
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I'd be stressed, too! I'm kinda worried about you! That does not sound like fun. I have no advice on how to make a move go smoothly--haven't done it in 8 years. Wish I was there to help.
Oh hugs! One of my friends moved like that just before her due date and it was really hard but they were glad to be in a real house when it was done.

Don't overdo it and take care of yourself, k?
Sounds like I could have written this post as 2 of my 4 pgs we had to move first pg was at 7 mo third pg at 8 mo. The second time we had bought a house I also had to do all the mortgage, paper work etc. My name is not on anything as I am a sahm but my dh was always working and doesn't have and aptitude for financial/contractual stuff. That part was incredibly stressful. And then the move I remember crying alot over the impending move and stress.

I don't have alot of advise but I did clear out the living room and pack a few boxes a day and set them in there. Until all that was left was beds 2 laundry baskets of clothes, hygeine stuff etc and a few pans to cook with. I used paper dinner ware. It made the progress definable and kept the mess in one room. It also reminds people when they come over and if they offer to help pack let em go for it. Good luck I hope it is over quickly for you!!!
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We close this Friday, so I can feell you!

In our case, we're not sure when we'll be moving b/c this house has a lot of renovating to do before we move in... electrical stuff, and remodeling the bathrooms (I'm getting a HUGE tub!!! YAY!!!) So, I honestly have no idea when we'll be moving in... maybe not even til after the baby is born!

I will be packing/ unpacking (just because that's who I am) but I am not going to be the main person doing that! My DH will do it all, if need be. And if he can't, we'll hire someone. (We're already hiring a company to move our stuff.) I am looking forward to unpacking/ settling in.

For me, the most stressful part is that I'd REALLY like to move in before the baby comes, but I've been told over and over not to expect that that will happen, b/c there's too much to do before we can move in. (And we don't want to be moved in with an infant and have work continuing on our house!)
So, I'm letting go of those expectations... which is hard, but oh well. I do like the house we're in now, and since we're renting a birth tub, it won't matter that I won't have my cool huge tub yet... but... there's something special about living in the same house your baby was born in, you know?
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As someone else who is likely moving in the next couple of weeks...I definitely feel your pain! I think, for me, the key is going to be giving myself a VERY finite time in which to pack (i.e., it gets done X weekend, even if it kills me)--packing is one of those chores that CAN take forever if you let it, but doesn't have to. We're hoping to get some packing help from friends, but both the building we're moving out of and the one we're moving into only allow moves on weekdays, so we'll have to hire a professional moving company ($$$
: ) for the move itself.

Could you also invite some friends over for either a packing party or an unpacking party? Definitely use the "I'm SOOO pregnant!" card to gain some sympathetic help.

Moving is the world's biggest PITA, but I'm also trying to look at the positive: I think there's something very satisfying about a totally fresh start as you begin a totally new chapter in your life (i.e., having a baby). And the new place will have that tidiness (no clutter or mess yet) that a new living space has when you've only been there a short while.
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Thanks everyone. It really helps to have someone to talk to about this stuff. I think things are going to be fine. I have 2.5 weeks to get everything packed up, then hopefully all our friends and family will do the actual painting/moving that weekend, then provided the baby doesn't come early, a couple of weeks to get everything unpacked the way I want it. Maybe the nesting urge will hit me hard and I'll get everything done quickly. I'm going to be sure not to overdo it though. I've been trying really hard to listen to my body and rest when I need to this pregnancy, even when I feel like I should be doing other things. I have found that a lot of times the same people who tell you to take it easy and not overdo it are the same people who make comments when you actually do get some rest and let things go. That's irritating.
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I want to send some more happy moving vibes your way!

I'm actually in a little bit of limbo myself. I'm REALLY hoping to not have to move - although our lease is up at the end of May and I'm really worried that they will raise our rent more than we want (a new company bought our apartment complex this winter). We're getting a good price for this area right now, and I saw a listing of the current apartment prices in our complex and it looks like the current going rate for our apartment is $300-400 a month more than we're paying.
: We want to buy a house sometime, but hopefully not until next year so that we can save more for a down payment, and paying that much more rent would really bite into our $500 a month savings goal. Plus, I REALLY like my apartment (we're on the top floor, fairly secluded, upstairs from the model apartment). I need to ask about that when I pay next month's rent...

Congrats to all of you buying houses and moving into better conditions!
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That is stressful! We were also looking for a house and I just told DH I want to wait til after the baby is here. We moved with DD when she was 2 months old and it was easy - she slept! So that's what we're doing this time too.

Congrats on the new house! Hope you can get everything the way you want it before the baby comes!
Hugs to you, mama!! I can totally understand, although, when we moved, I was only 4 months pregnant. But is still sucks.
: Try (I know this is cliche) to take some time for yourself, and rest up some before babe makes his/her entrance!!
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Holy mother of god! I am actually house hunting and if I didn't have kids I would probably hang myself. I NEVER imagined how stressfull moving at the end of pg could be. Talk about throwing one's nesting completely off.

I need to find a placce YESTERDAY within our price range and haven't even gotten to papers yet! I should be looking right now but needded to catch up a bit with y'all (lol). ****GROAN******* and hugs to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's hard finding a house... at least in our market, there seemed to be a real dearth of good houses! Everything was getting snatched up immediately. (But we're being influenced by the post-Katrina market, since a lot of MS and LA homeowners are moving here.)

I HATED the looking process. I wanted it to end immediately so I could just find my perfect house and be done with it already!
merrick I can't even imagine having to deal with moving right now! So stressful, even when not PG. And then on top of everything else, I'd be
I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible for all of you having to move at this point!
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Vent away mama, you have reason!

There was a house for sale that we were interested in, but I'm just not up to dealing with a move this close to baby, plus we JUST fixed up babys room, so we're waiting....

poor stressed mama!
We closed on the house yesterday. I'm feeling a bit better about things now that I've gotten started with the packing and have got most of my baby stuff together. Of course, I've only packed our books, but we have a ton of those so that was quite a chore anyway. I'm going to try to do as much as I can everyday without overdoing it.

I'll be having a nice break tomorrow though. We are taking ds to A Day Out with Thomas, where you get to ride Thomas the Train and stuff like that. It should be fun. Then it'll be back to the grind. I'm just glad I don't have to WOH right now. I'd be a wreck for sure then!
Books are the best place to start! They're fairly easy to pack, and after they're done, don't you feel the most relief? I always do...

We close tomorrow. I'm a tad bit nervous... but mostly, I just want to be able to go to my house and fix it up and live there! Woot!

Originally Posted by merrick
I'll be having a nice break tomorrow though. We are taking ds to A Day Out with Thomas, where you get to ride Thomas the Train and stuff like that. It should be fun.
Emerson loved the Day Out with Thomas, when we took him last October! We're planning on taking him this July too! Of course, my child will call out the names of trains in his sleep without waking.

I hope you have lots of fun!

Try not to let the stress of moving get to you. It's a lot of work, but it only lasts for a very short time. Take care.
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Ooooh Day Out with Thomas! I've been wanting to go to one, but we missed the ones that were close enough for a day trip. I'll have to check the '06 schedule.
Ds loves the trains and dd plays with them too sometimes.

eta: there's going to be one only an hour away in June!
I'm hoping dh will want to go, it's kinda soon after the baby comes, but doable.
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My OB is the one that actually told me about Thomas coming to town. She's going to one in another town 2 hours away when her baby will be only 2 weeks old! I couldn't imagine going on a trip like that with such a young baby. Of course, this same woman is coming back to do her deliveries and stuff 1 week post partum. I think she is crazy.
Yikes! How will she have any time to bond with her baby if she goes back at 1 week pp.
I agree, she's crazy!
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