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I just attended for the 2nd time our local homeschool convention. Last year we had just pulled DD out of school and I was manically trying to figure out what we were going to "do" w/ her. I had big plans of merging Charlotte Mason, Classical Ed, etc. I went to the convention and was completely overwhelmed by the offerings of various "must have" curriculums. After purchasing a *lot* of different items, books etc. etc. we got started. And we were miserable. I couldn't get it to all come together, she felt lost in a sea of "what now?" etc.<br><br>
So in january after much prayer and consideration we switched to My father's World. I got to hear them speak this year at the convetion and it was such a relief to walk through the vendor halls completely free of feeling like I needed to find the "next best thing", KWIM? I spent time at the MFW booth looking at the materials for next year and then found other little items, like a recipie book etc. that would be easy to have fun w/ next year. It was so liberating to not be sucked into the madness of choosing which curriculum for which subject for which child, etc.<br><br>
Just thought I'd share that putting on the blinders to other things left me feeling refreshed and re-convicted about our homeschooling choice and not overwhelmed by possiblity!<br><br>
I can't wait to start "school" on Monday! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="love">
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