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I can't believe no one bought this...

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...the first time around, but it's back! If it were big enough...well...I have no restraint.
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That is darling!
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...she has some TOTALLY adorable stuff!

*wipes drool off chin*....i can resist....i can resist...i can resist..

: ...
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same here if it were bigger I'd have to lock up the $$ to keep from buying it
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All her stuff is too small! Thank goodness, cause I have 2 new wool knit soakers coming soon!!
Oh, oh dear....oh my cute would my baby girl be in that little Pumpkin set for her October birth month?

I'm so excited I may just go into labor over that!
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I bought the wool leggings and hat she had listed last week. They are so adorable and fit perfectly. As soon as I get a picture downloaded I will be here showing them off.

If only the pumpkin set was a little bigger.

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Awww...I wish I had a munchkin that small!!
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