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I can't eat anything

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Last week I was a little queasy, but still eating well and getting fairly good nutrition.

Monday I threw up everything I took in, including water, and got a pretty bad migraine. Hubby took me to the ER, and they put saline in me, along with some pepcid for acid, something for the migraine, and something for the nausea. (All were safe for baby, of course.) I felt a little less weak, but still threw up apple juice on the ride home. I did manage to sleep, and then ate little bits of whatever I could the next day - juice, water, dry cereal, pasta with oil, goldfish crackers, clementine oranges, popcicles. No protein, though.

Today I'm not much better. I've had some yogurt and again little bits of the same from yesterday.

I'm not sure what to do. My OB appointment is tomorrow. I'm still practically afraid to eat anything - and last week I was eating spicy pad thai like it was going out of style!

What things do you successfully keep down in times like this? Soda crackers are my old stand by and aren't cutting it. Booo. I'm going to go get a prescript for anti-nausea meds filled and scavenge for anything I can keep handy for queasy snacking.
(Hubby says our living room looks like a raccoon got in. Lol.)
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I don't have a lot of advice, but I am having trouble eating too. I just got sick for the first time Monday night (3 times). I didn't go to work yesterday but just rested and basically didn't eat anything all day but a few grapes and a popsicle. I haven't eaten much today because I'm afraid. I had a tiny bit of cereal this morning and cream of wheat for lunch. I know that's bad, but it's so hard for me to eat after I get sick, especially since I kind of have a phobia of vomiting.

Usually I like fruit when I don't feel well. Even that doesn't sound terribly appealing right now, but I can get it down.
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I highly recommend Zofran. It's a category B versus Phenergan, which is category C. It worked REALLY well for me, within minutes I would be relieved of the overwhelming nausea and be able to eat something simple (potatoes, rice, pasta, plain toast).
I know it's rough mamma, but just remember it means your hormones are shooting up high to protect your sweet babies!
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