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I can't take it anymore!

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Seriously. I am so bored, I feel like I'm just sitting here waiting for baby. I'm tired and heavy, and I don't want to go too far from home. I can't bring DD to the playground b/c I can't waddle after her fast enough, and I'm afraid she'd take off. My poor DH, I can't call him at work anymore b/c he gets so excited thinking "it's time". I am so not in the mood to clean, but I know I should. I would get down on hands and knees and scrub the floor if I had the supplies (I have a swiffer mop instead). My aunt and gram both said that's what worked for them. I am one day overdue, and I feel like I've been overdue for a month. I'm already 6cm dilated and 75% effaced, but with zero contractions. I was induced with DD, so I've never been this pregnant before. If I wasn't planning a UC I would seriously consider asking the m/w to induce me. This sucks.

Ok, rant over.
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Oh I feel for you! I'm feeling pretty much the same way, but I'm not due until the 22nd. I can't imagine how I'll feel if I go overdue.
Yeah, it sucks....

Sleep... alot... and just bask in the glory that is the "about to burst preggo"
Oh dear, that does sound hard. I sure hear you on not being able to waddle fast enough after a toddler! But try and keep moving! This is very important. Walk, walk,waddle if you can. A cold swim is good too!

What have you tried so far? Cohash tinctures? Have you been drinking red raspberrry leaf tea? If so you could try that in tincture several times a day. And an old tried and true midwife method is organic castor oil. It'll clean you out and start labour.

Good luck. I hope labour starts soon!!!!!!!!
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I'm sorry... I feel for you!! I hear you about temptation to do something about labor - I feel that way and I'm 2.5w behind you! Baby's have a reason for picking their birth day so try to hang on as best you can - sleeping sounds like a good idea to me!
Take care!!
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I couldn't relate to you more.

I'll be 41 weeks tomorrow and I am SO SICK OF BEING PREGNANT. I don't care if I sound like a brat because I've done my friggin' time. KWIM? I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I know he's going to want to talk induction- that doesn't make me happy. I do not in any way want to wait until 42 weeks to have this baby, but I'd rather suffer through another week than be induced. I am one gigantic ball of stress, anger, and impatience. I want this to be over. Now.
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Sign me up for this club. I'm so used to being active, having things to do ... and after last weekend, when we finished cleaning the house and setting up BabyLand, it was just like ... ok, what now? I'm not motivated to do ANYTHING. All I do is hang around the house and wonder if the last gas pain I had was a contraction. I feel terrible about myself (don't like the way I look, don't feel like doing anything outside the house because of it, feel like I'm trapping dh into being a hermit with me) and just overall sick and tired of waddling, wishing, and waiting. Tomorrow's my mw appointment, and when I explain these feelings to her she will more than likely tell me to get outside walking, drinking RRL tea, GIO, all that stuff. Well, it's hot and humid, my bones and joints ache, I don't have any tea, and my husband doesn't want to touch me with someone ELSE'S dick. Sorry, if that's too crude.

I should stop now. This vent could get long.
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Boredom is my number 1 reason for wanting this pregnancy to end now too.
I am so huge I can barely fit behind the steering wheel because my tummy rests ON it, I finished my to-do list over a week ago and don't want to stray too far from home. I still have 4 days to go till I am "due" but I want it to be yesterday!
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