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i feel like screaming it from the MT tops
i just had the biggest empowering moment of motherhood i have had in a while:
not only did i help my baby turn from posterior to ROA, but i found the heartbeat (the first person to ever hear it was me) with a fetascope and found the position.

this unassisted birth thing has been a slow and winding surprising road for me.

i DO have a midwife ( have several) b/c so many of my friends are midwives (lay/spiritual)
they all live out of state and i have been slowly but surely realizing the power and beauty and safety invloved with free birthing.

allowing yourself to KNOW instead of waiting for someone else (no matter hwo sweet and smart they are) to TELL you about how/when/ your baby is going to come out of

so anyway, i have had 3 prenatals in person with my friend but the rest hav ebeen over the phone consultations.

any way

so my baby had been posterior (like #1) and i had such a long and difficult labor (2 days hard prelabor and 3 days hard active labor)

so with this one i have been learning so much about positioning and all of it .

and tonight i got out my fetascope and tried to have my dh listen for the baby....he heard nothing (like every one else had so far, b/c of the original posterior position)

then i said LET ME TRY
i put the fetascope on this one place out of gut instinct and BAHM heart beat ...then the more i thought about it the more i realized what that meant about the baby's position then i began to feel around for limbs (with such a new sense of clarity and empowerment) and surre nough i found the butt (top right) the back etc

i know i am not making much sense and this may not seem so momentous to many a freebirther.
but for me
it was the real light bulb moment of
this is my baby
i am the expert.
i can do it.
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