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took the plunge ... called the local division for dumping large items and made an appointment for this morning for them to collect my junk.

So last night I put out 3 chairs, 2 stools, a printer, a carpet, a large bin, some flower pots and hangers, a stand alone clothes line thing (all broken in some way) as well as a large pan with lid & a juicer (last two item with a "free sign" taped on them, I know the large pan was taken up very shortly after I put it out

am going away in 10 days time & would really really like to keep on decluttering a bit every day until then so that all this recurring issue doesn't keep on worrying me for ever ... hopefully today I will tackle last year school items (have already got new back packs so it shouldn't be too bad to purge left overs from last year !).

maybe if I know that I'm going to write about it here every day, I'll finally manage to progress a bit more (apart from reading about decluttering on line and buying books on the subject !!!)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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