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Originally Posted by americastamps View Post
I'm so excited--I did a VBAC at home Saturday 7:38 AM Joseph made his way into the world. I'll try to do a real labor story later, but basically labored from midnight on, contractions started every few minutes, called the midwife at midnight and then waited to call her over till maybe 2:30 or so.

I did most of my pushing in the shower and then the midwife did some maneuvering to get my 9 lb 7 0z baby out due to some shoulder dystocia. He is doing great, just beautiful and I'm elated to have accomplished a VBAC, I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done it at the hospital. (especially around here --virginia!) The midwifes were so supportive and awesome. I loved being able to climb in bed with my family after Joseph arrived.

He is 23 inches long and huge!
And loves to nurse now, though he had little interest on his birthday!

Here's some pics:

This is my twin sister and my new nephew. I am so proud of my sister. I wanted to burst out with the news right away as soon as I got that phone call but did not want to steal this moment away from her.

Did I say I am so proud of my sister? She is my inspiration! I am planning an HBAC in June.

And isn't my nephew handsome

Now I can go put him in my siggy....
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