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I Donated All Our Books to the Library

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OK, well not ALL our books but most of them. We kept only a few of the books that us and the kids REALLY love and read over and over again and the cook books. I was so sick of the kids ripping the books off the shelves all day long and me putting them back (our book shelves run low along the wall) and I needed more space to store some of our baskets with toys so... problem solved!

We are going to make a point to go to the library once a week and take out a couple books to read now instead of buying them all the time.

I haven't had to clean any books up off the floor in two days - it's soooo liberating!!

Thought I'd share.
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I did this too about a year ago...I think I gave our library 100 books! A mixture of mine & Hannah's but I know that feeling. I also felt better that other people would get to use them too. We take weekly trips to the library & it's working out great.
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LOL I need to take a page from your book LOL

That was such a bad pun!!!!!!
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