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I Don't Know What To Tell Her

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I'm not sure this is in the right place, but it relates to my teenage daughter, so I'll leave it here.

DD2 is heavily involved in the theater program at school. She's assistant director and stage manager and works side by side with the teachers (more so usually then the actors.) They're in between shows right now. (Last one ended Saturday, auditions for the next one start next Tuesday.) Today an announcement for all of the theater kids to report to the theater after school came on. Everyone assumed it was about the Spring Musical.

Well, when they got there two of the three directors, the tech director and the assistant principal were there. The third director (the one DD2 is closest too) miscarried on Friday night. She was six months pregnant with a baby girl (whom she was planning on giving the same (rare) name as DD's half sister.) The other female director is seven months pregnant. She'll be back at school next Monday. They told these kids first because of their closer then normal relationship with the teachers. Everyone else finds out tomorrow. The other teachers have no other information and they're all lost.

Everyone is extremely upset. DD2 called me from school and couldn't talk to me. She finally gave the phone to her boyfriend and he told me because she couldn't stop crying. I don't know what to do for her. There are no reasons that these kinds of things happen and I know that all of the hugs in the world can't fix this.
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don't really know what to say just didn't want to read and not respond
for your dd.
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In this situation, I might be inclined into looking for someone who can help your DD work through what she's feeling right now.

It's something is really an emotional blow and you're right that all the hugs in the world won't fix it.
I agree with MD. Someone to talk with might be helpful. If the school staff was sensitive enough to give the kids closest to the teacher advance notice, I'm guessing that they may be helpful in yerms of setting up some support. Maybe guidance, school counselors, etc.?

So sorry for all.
I'm so sorry for both your dd and the director. Maybe giving your daughter some information on how she can interact well with the teacher who has just been through such a tough loss would help her feel more in control of her response to the situation. Perhaps she (or you) could take a look at some suggestions from the mamas on the pg & birth loss board here so she has some ideas as to what to say or do when the teacher comes back.
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