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cover the moon? but thanks! I went there checking things out that day and saw what a great price she had on snappi's ($1.75 each) and I had to snatch up a few! I only have 2 snappi's and I ordered a few more with 6 prefolds I just ordered but they are always playing hide and seek on me (and they usually win!
) so I figured I should have more on hand for when I am losing my mind (and my snappi's) I haven't even used my prefolds this wash cycle until today because I just found my green snappi hiding under the green pillow on my green couch. LOL I ordered dk blue and red!

For those that missed it

ETA: DUH my whole point for posting is that she sent them out last Thursday, and I got an e-mail from her today that the post office missent them and they were routed wrong but they were trying to get it here as fast as possible. She wanted to let me know because she had been keeping an eye on the delivery status of my order! HOW WONDERFUL OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THAT? Amazing! WAY TO GO CTM! ~
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