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I don't want to be a pillow!

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My dd, who is 3.5 has co-slept since day 1. However, for a while, she slept in her own twin bed which is pushed up against our queen- in arms reach and an easy crawl over in the middle of the night. Well, lately dd has taken to wanting to sleep pressed up against me to the point where it hurts. I sleep inthe middle with dh on one side and dd on the other, and I often wake up in the morning to find we are all sleeping in a space not as wide as a twin bed and I do'nt have room to lay flat in the bed.

Does anyone have a solution for the too cuddely child?

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Hi OTMomma...

When you wake to find you are squished, can you detach yourself and then flop onto your child's twin bed on the floor to finish the night? Leaving dh and child inyour queen? Is that an option?

Could you switch to DD in the middle or on the other side of your DH so you have sprawl room?
Theoretically I could sleep in the twin at times. However, dh and dd don't do well sleeping together. While dd just cuddles me, she tends to kick dh, who is a poor sleeper and can't handle it.

Any other ideas?
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when you find the answer let me know! My son is the same way .. I wake up in the morning almost off thebed because He has pushed me to the edge lol
Well, last night we talked with dd- and I thought about how she is always moving to the left, and how when dh was out of town I let her sleep on the left side of the bed,and she didn't smother me. So we all decided to move dd's twin bed to the left side of the room- this makes it further from the door, but Oh, well. Anyway, dd slept in her own bed last night until 6Am when she wanted to be cuddled. SO much better. Dh and I both didn't know what to do with having so much more room.

It feels like a step away from the "move the bed closer and closer to the door until you eventually move the child down the hall to her room", theory. But if we all sleep well, I'll give up on that idea.

I may try the huge stuffed animal idea next.
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Dd (4yo) always ends up on my pillow and we sleep in about 1/8th of the entire width of the bed. Dh loves having the whole bed to himself!!
All I can say is that I know exactly what you're talking about! Hope your solution works for you. Dd is going to be an only, so my solution was to relish the snuggling and remember that 10 years from now, I'll look back on it fondly.
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