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I Don't Want to go to the "regular" doctor!

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I've been coughing for 5 weeks following a very bad cold. Everyone keeps saying "you need to go to the dr." I don't have health insurance so if I go I have to pay for it myself.

The cough isn't getting better, and it gets worse at night to the point where I have to lie down.

I called my regular dr. and talked to a nurse to see if there was any reason to come in, I didn't just want to be told to rest and drink lots of fluids. She listed off a bunch of stuff that it could be "bronchitis, pneumonia, pertussis..." and said I should come in. So I made an appt. with a dr. I don't know (I moved so I can't see my other one) for Thurs. but I really don't want to go.

If I'm going to spend money, I'd rather see my chinese medicine dr. who would at least spend more time with me and care about me.

Should I keep my appt. with the other dr. and just see if I really do have a disease that needs antibiotics? Or should I call the chinese medicine dr? Or do both? The cough is annoying and hurts my ribs and is annoying.
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Personally I would NOT go to the doctor. There is very little they can do and even if you do have some 'disease' it will heal by itself. You've had it for 5 weeks and it didn't kill you yet. It is a residu from the very bad cold and you need time to recouperate.

I had a cough one year all winter long. Worse at night, same as what you described. When Spring came and it got warm it slowly cleared up.

That summer we visited my sister in Europe and she said that she'd had a cough all winter long and in spring it finally cleared up. Funny!

Anyway, I am not one for taking abx (not at all) nor cough meds, nor anything else they have to sell, so I would save my money and try some things from the health food store myself.

Did you do the large dose of Sodium Ascorbate Powder? That would be my first priority. And knowing myself, I would just hack away until it's all hacked up. But that's just me.....
I went to my acupuncturist. She did cupping on my back and chest, then acupuncture and left the needles in for 45 min. Then she gave me some herbs to take at home.
She thought I should go to the regular dr. in case I have pneumonia, but we agreed that if I feel better on Thurs (when my Dr. appt is) I will call her and maybe go back to her for more cupping instead of to the dr.
It just bugs me that I pay her $65 for an hour and a half appt. and she asks so many questions about all of me and takes such good care of me, and I'll pay the other Dr. $150 at least for a 15 min. appt. where they won't do anything but look down my throat, listen to my chest, and then write me a rx. for something I don't need.
I agree!

Although I have to say I went to an acupuncturist and it didn't help either.

But that was for arthritis....

I take my herbs, vita, etc. and heal myself.
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