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i don't want to steal.....

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hello everyone! i would like to use some breastfeeding slogans on some products that i make at home. however, i don't want to steal anyone else's slogan. how do i know if the saying is common knowledge or if someone is using it exclusively? for instance, "got breastmilk?" - would it be wrong to use this saying on my products? thanks.
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"got breastmilk" is a shirt made by hipmama I believe. I am nak, you guys check it out.
the only thing about searching on google is that most of the time, at least with my website, the shirt examples are images, and those wouldn't come up in a search. maybe you could just test em out here? i know i've seen got breastmilk somewhere before.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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