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I dropped!!

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yay! everyone at work says i dropped, and i felt better that day as well.. no more squeezed lungs... anyway, so how early have you dropped with a second baby?? do i have to switch to the march DDC or what?? LOL!!
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so, how much longer... any predictions from moms of more than one?? had some interesting bowel happenin's this AM, so i have started packing my bag!!
have you tried the birth professionals forum? I think I read there that for second (and subsequent pregnancies) labor usually begins within two weeks of engagement...but I wouldn't want to be responsible for getting your hopes up! definitely check over there!!
I actually dropped about two weeks ago. The baby was rutching around like crazy, and then in the morning I had a lot of pain, and when the midwife felt around, she said the baby's head was really down and nestled in, and it had probably happened the night before. That was weeks? This is my fourth baby. I'm not counting on going early though. Mine are all usually a week or two late.
I dropped about a month ago and am 35W 3days. This is our 3rd baby. I don't expect to make it to my due date, but I am not feeling like he'll show up for another couple of weeks either.
My 1st never dropped till labor. I remember the nurses pushing her down.

My 2nd dropped at 31 weeks, also when` they gave me drugs to stop the cx. He finally came at 36 weeks.

My current, 3rd dropped this past monday night. I started losing my plug starting on saturday (31.6 weeks) as well.
sounds like i should just let nature take it's course without worrying too much about these signs, huh?? I guess i was hoping for a big flashing sign that read soemthing like "first you drop then you have the baby in exactly..... weeks "
yeah right!!! thanks for the tip about the other forum, i'll check there!!
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