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For starters, let me say that I was raised with a loving Mom who did spank but very rarely... when it was something serious. I never felt abused; my mom is my best friend now that I'm grown. Once I had my children, spanking really didn't seem right to me. I have done it a few times, but felt so horrible for it that I apologized and stopped a while back...

What I have a hard time with is yelling. I can get so frustrated with my kids not listening to me sometimes that I start really yelling, and I hate it so much. I always apologize, but I obviously don't want my kids to feel anything other than love from Mommy, and I want them to learn (by example!) to respect others. Last night I really yelled and quickly thought, 'this has got to stop!' I thought about it last night and read a little on this forum and decided to really think differently today. Here is where the great part happened....

A little while ago my 3yo Ella started fussing at my 1yo Maya (wonder where she learned that!) and I was fussing at Ella telling her to get away and leave Maya alone. I was starting to get frustrated and was on the verge of putting Ella in time-out for not obeying, and walking away. Then I remembered what I wanted to do and I got up and went over to them. I took Ella's hand and asked her why she didn't want Maya doing what she was doing. She immediately became soft & sweet (mirroring me) and explained. I helped her by telling Maya what we wanted her to do (to avoid her doing what Ella didn't want her to do), and everyone was smiling and happy! WOW! I feel like an idiot, because how many times could I have probably taken that approach?? I felt great for not yelling, Maya was fine doing something else, and Ella was thrilled that I understood and helped her. Hellooooo Laura. lol
Thanks for everyone who gives advice here!
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