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I feel like I'm on vacation in another country...

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...and I'm in North Carolina!

We came down for a couple of weeks at the beach - got here on Monday. I went down with DH and the boys yesterday morning, and a couple walking with their granddaughter came by. The little girl was just a bit older than DS1, so they started playing and I began chatting with the grandmother. Turns out she'd birthed her children naturally, co-slept, and BF, and her daughter is a doula. We had a lot to talk about, obviously.

This morning, I was sitting down on the beach by myself after DH and DS1 went back to the house, and a middle-aged guy who'd spoken to my husband the evening before came up and introduced himself to me, told me how he'd enjoyed watching my husband and son play in the sand the night before, asked about DS2, talked about our dogs, how long we've been coming down here...all while I nursed the baby. No shifty-eyes at all - he even looked AT DS2 while he was asking about him.
This is the way it should be, y'know?
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Can we round some of these people up along with mdc mamas and build our own utopia?
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that is sweet!

Ya know i have learned form being here is that i am truly blessed!
it makes me so happy to see posts about seeing a woman NIP but i always think on some sad it seems so rare!

I have learned i love in a very breastfeednig happy community. I now of one incident where a woman was asked to leave a salvation army for nursing.. and our LLL was on it. and the outcome makes me happy!

But i see stickers on most stores and restuarants celebrating they are a *breastfeeding friendly* establishment..
I never think twice about nursing.. elderly women and men come right up while i breastfeed look right in to babies milkign face and tell me how wonderful she is...

so YAY happy supportive welcoming communities!!!!
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