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I feel so stupid

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So I got brave enough to wash the prefolds myself instead of using a diaper service 3 weeks ago. All went well, except DD developing a persistent diaper rash. So as a good mom that I am, I rewashed all the diapers again (using the same detergent). When that didn't help, I rewashed them with regular soap (another mistake).

So now I finally came to realization, that I was using a laundry detergent that has enzymes in my High Efficiency washing machine, while the detergent was not appropriate for that machine. And DD has super sensitive skin. So the detergent was not being washed out properly and thats why DD got the rash. And washing diapers in regular soap apparently is a bad idea too.

I feel so stupid
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Don't feel stupid. This cloth diapering is different for everyone so we all have to learn what works for us. DD had a rash for a long time and first I figured out that it was build up but now I think the reason is I wasn't washing them in hot water, just warm so the bacteria wasn't getting killed. It's all about trial and error. You're doing good mama!
Don't feel bad - there is certainly a learning curve! What works for one family doesn't work for another...

Have you found a detergent that works yet? Diaper jungle has a helpful list.

Don't give up!

Sometimes doing some extra rinses on hot will help strip the diapers and get any residue out so you're starting with a clean slate. If you need help on stripping your dipes, look it up on the forum here and you'll find a million threads, I bet.

Good luck!
Don't say your stupid! You're not. There's a big chunk of time in the beginning of cd'ing when everyone is learning.

I was going to suggest stripping the diapers too. Just do hot washes with no detergent added, and as it agitates, check for suds. If you see suds, continue to do the hot washes with no detergent until the build up has been rinsed out.

I have a cloth diapering 101 document that I'm happy to email you if you'd like. You may well know everything in there already, but send me a PM with your email address if you'd like a copy.
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