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<p>i'm 37 weeks today and measure 39 cm. at my check last week i was 36 cm. i even said to my husband a few days ago "i feel like my belly just popped". i was so right!!!</p>
<p>it is cold here and i got my winter maternity coat out and it won't zip up over my belly!</p>
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<p>i am feeling serious pressure on my bottom too, most of the time. lots of braxton hicks and a few episodes of serious cramps. sometimes i wake in the night and can barely move...</p>
<p>i am looking forward to a pelvic exam next tuesday, just curious. but crossing my fingers no labor action over the weekend as my hubby is out of town 3 days for his grandpa's funeral. i decided not to go as it is an 8 hour drive each way.</p>
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