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I figured out the Snappi!!!

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After six weeks of trying, I FINALLY got a prefold Snappi'ed on DD.

No more tri-folding for this mama now that I can do a bikini twist. **struts**

Next attempt: pinning.

My DH now thinks I'm a dork because I'm so pleased with myself.

I ordered more CPFs to celebrate!
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Woo hoo! I want to go on a Snapi Crusade so that everone may love their Snappi!

BTW, I share your daughter's birthdate! Leos are #1!
I just got a Snappi this week too. I am so in

And I am with you on being so wildly impressed with myself for doing the bikini twist.
The diaper fits so so so much better than just trifolding into the cover.

I am
for not trying this earlier!!!!!

Should we start the Snappi crusade?
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I'm about to get my 1st snappi -- in my expected fluffy mail package!! What do you wish you had known about snappi-ing technique that you now know? does it really take 6 weeks to master?

And tell me about bikini twists - do they only stay put if snappi-ed?
Tracey, I think it took me six weeks because I'm horribly uncoordinated. :LOL

Make sure you stretch the heck out of it before using it. That was one of my biggest problems. I couldn't understand why this thing wouldn't stretch across my little one's belly when I've seen pictures of toddlers with Snappi'ed CPFs.

I'm assuming that the bikini twist is pretty much Snappi-only. It creates form-fitting leg holes and isn't really bulky at all when held together with the almighty Snappi.

Good luck!
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Wow, you guys are inspiring me! I've been the queen of the snappi until now (at least I thought I was! hehe). As soon as dd wakes up from her nap I'm gonna try the bikini twist.

Elise 2/16/03
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Tracey-I was able to snappi my first try (and that is on a wiggly almost 11 mo old). So I am sure you will be able to master it

I just looked at some pictures on the web (check out all the folds at Karen's site...she is using a snappi

I started off with the newspaper fold and then tried the bikini twist. Both are so much better than trifolding into the cover!
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OK, I've finally been inspired to break out the Snappi I bought months ago! It's still in the package.
Wish me luck!
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