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I finally felt it!

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The baby (known affectionately around here as Segundo--#2 in Spanish) finally moved! For real! I actually felt it against my hand!

I was starting to get a little uptight about not having felt her/him yet because I'm already past the point where I was feeling my first baby move.

So there it is. I've been looking forward to this part of the pregnancy so much!!

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Yippee!! That's so great! It also took longer for me to feel this babe than my first pregnancy and it made me a little worried too. Glad you finally felt something!
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hooray! that's wonderful.
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Congratulations! I love that feeling

I felt this baby a couple weeks later than the first two...really didn't expect that
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How exciting! I can't wait until the bumps are really good ones that my children can feel too! They aren't patient enough to wait around for a little tumble.
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