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I finally got some answers!!

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I had been to my PCP and no luck, She told me I wasn't losing weight because of breastfeeding for so long

Then I went to the chiro today and explained I was having back problems and I needed help! He asked a few questions; How often do you work out? (4-5 times a week...and now 2x a day for an hour total) How much do you eat? (I eplained what I ate today and yesterday)

I don't eat enough.

He said that as women our bodies are made for carrying babies and when they don't get enough food the food it does get is stored as fat. So, he gve me some better guidelines and it honestly sounds like a lot of food. So, he sid to pick up a protein shake and give it a try and see what happens.

I figure I have nothing to lose. I'll either gain, stay the same, or lose. But at least someone actually listened and gave me suggestions...and he said bfing had nothing to do with it!
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Hope you have found the answers you have been looking for.

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