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One of the joys of having my hmo is seeing various doctors and RNPs, none of whom ever tell you anything it seems. You don't have to mention about changing this, we'll be seeing a MW starting next month since we're planning a HB.

Anyhow, I have this long menstrual cycle which they never seem to account for, and the CNMs and the OB were telling me I was 24 weeks -- which I knew I wasn't. So after getting the ultrasound, it's been confirmed, I'm only 21 weeks (22 next week).

So the official EDD is 4/17/05! I'm keeping my fingers crossed though, for 4/19 or after. Purely a selfish horoscope thing -- I'm a taurus who grew up with a taurean parent and would love to have a taurean child. :LOL
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