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I finished my 1st knitting project!

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OK, it was just the hat from the LTK learn-to-knit kit, and it fits my mil rather than my ds...but hey, I knit it all by myself!
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I find I usually need to size down on the LTK hat patterns too..I'm working on her free Snowflake Hat pattern for a baby shower this weekend..I'm making it for a baby that will be 6mo in the winter and I even sized down from the infant size..My LTK hats always come out big!!

But anyway..Congrats on finishing your first project!! Welcome to the addiction of knitting!!!
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Congrats!! I have the same problem with hats, not just the LTK ones... I made one from Yarn Girls in the 3 year size and it fits me

Welcome to our addicted world!!!

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