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I joined a bit ago and bypassed the intro section and jumped right into find my tribe!

My name is Shayna and I have 2 boys Hunter (4) and Hudson (2) We just relocated a few months ago from the Atlanta area to Evansville, IN and we are adjusting fairly nicely; I've even got a MDC member living darn near down the street from me - how awesome is that!

Both boys are still nursing, Hunter fairly sporadic, but Hudson still several times a day. We have a rather large family bed, with mommy, daddy, 2 squirmy boys and a big dog, but we all manage to sleep fairly well.
I'm mostly a SAHM, but work pt evenings and weekends at a Hotel and the boys get some quality daddy time.

Hmm, can't think of anything interesting about myself, just glad to be part of the community.
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