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I found my midwife :)

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I am so grateful.

I really liked another MW located near me in Encinitas. She had volunteered her kindness in getting me in for an u/s when I was miscarrying in November, when the mainstream provider wouldn't see me because I wasn't contracted w/ them. Then again this PG when she thought I might have an ectopic, she authorized another US to rule it out and has been a great email friend and always said the right thing. Unfortunately she might not be here when the babe is born and I REALLY want the woman I work w/ to be there w/ me when I birth this little one - rather than a backup I don't know. She gave me names of other midwives and I've interviewed a total of 4 (including her).

After attending the 1st interview my hubby had changed his tune w/ regard to hesitation on having a homebirth because he saw how professional the first midwife was and then the 2nd midwife as well who offered a plethora of information.

The midwife we choose just got her masters in oriental medicine which I love! I am so grateful to actually begin care with her. My insurance also just kicked in so I'll be doing co-care w/ the CNMs to get all my labs done.
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That is great!
Congrats on finding someone who will be with you the whole time!
What a comfort!
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Originally Posted by Tori Gollihugh
What a comfort!
It sure is! I'm glad you found someone!
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