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I found out this morning! I'm having...

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...a boy!

Everything they could see on the ultrasound looked great and it was so exciting to see those little hands & feet and watch him moving and turning around!

I thought that I wanted a girl and was worried I would be disappointed if it was a boy, but that isn't the case at all! I'm so excited that ds will have a little brother to play with, and plus, I
my ds so much, how could I be disappointed to have another precious boy?!
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Congrats Mama! You found out early, lucky you. I am so impatient, I can't wait to find out. BTW I love your DS's name, are sticking with Irish names for #2?
Kewl mamma!! I can't wait to find out..i am putting it off until next week so that we get as much growth as possible plus i have to pay for it....

wonder what the ratio to girls to boys are going to be...when i was prego with ds it was always boys!!!
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I'm so excited for you! How far along are you, by the way? I find out in 3 more weeks!
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Congrats on the boy!
I can't wait to find out for us. 4 more weeks.
Boys are so special and sweet and dear. Not that girls aren't, but they each have their own lovable qualities.
I am so happy for you!

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Thanks for the congrats mamas! I'm finally getting excited about being a mama of two - up until now I've been a little more apprehensive than excited, but that's fading. Guess it's the hormones taking over my common sense!

maciascl, we haven't put much thought into names yet! We liked Kieran just for the sound of it, not necessarily because it was Irish, but there are a lot of nice Irish names out there. There are a few "K" names I like, and it might be fun to have two "K" boys.

mum2be, I'm 19 weeks. A little early for the u/s, but it was a time that worked for dh's schedule, so we went for it. I'm due right at the beginning of Sept. Ds came early, though, so we'll see if this little one follows suit.

I'll be waiting to hear what everyone else is having over the next few weeks!
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congrats on the boy news, VBMama!

we won't be finding out the sex of this little one (we didn't with our first child either) and i'm really okay with having a girl (because i'm a girl and i have a sister and the mother-daughter bond is different than the mother-son bond) and i'm really okay with having a boy (because then our son would have a same sex playmate and besides, we have all the stuff already!).

congrats again!

Thanks Claudia! That's a good summary of how I feel about the boy/girl issue too - you can't go wrong either way. We will probably only have two children. I told dh I was open to a 3rd if this one was a boy...but given his family history, that's a dangerous prospect. His mom had EIGHT consecutive boys before she got her girl!
Of course she wanted a ton of kids to begin with, but still!!
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Oh, CONGRATS, VBMama!! That's wonderful. We should be finding out on Friday (also 19 wks). I can't wait.
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Ooh, let us know on Friday, Mimi!
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Woo Hoo!! Congrats!! We aren't finding out so it is fun to see what others are having now!!

I'm amazed at all of you that have the patience to wait till the birth to find out, Deb! I think I would be eaten up inside by the suspense.
Of course, I do realize that lots of you are passing on the ultrasound experience entirely, so I suppose that's different because it was important to me to have one.

We're all coming up on the halfway mark of our pregnancies, can you guys believe it?
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Originally Posted by VBMama
I'm amazed at all of you that have the patience to wait till the birth to find out, Deb!

Well we have one of each so it's a little easier to wait!! (For me at least, DH wants to find out but we found out for the last two and I'm having it MY way this time LOL!)

Congratulations on having another boy! I love watching my boys play together!

I can't wait to find out myself. I don't have the big u/s scheduled yet but I can't wait to see if my instinct is right.
Thanks Lindsey! Hey, we both have a Kieran! Do you have Irish names ready for this one too? We don't have any Irish heritage but just really liked the name. I've seen a few online but have yet to meet another Kieran IRL.
Aww-congrats! That's so exciting!
Congrats, mama! It's so exciting to see your little one on the ultrasound! I can't wait for mine!
Thanks, HomeBirthMommy & mommytojam! It was so fun to see "who's in there"!
So far I don't really have much lined up in the name department. I'm trying to be patient because dh won't even discuss names until we find out the gender. For a girl we have Ellie but no middle name yet and that is definetly not Irish. Dh and I have a very mixed heritage(Irish, English, Swedish, Scottish, French) so it's more about picking names we like, that seem to compliment, our other children's names.
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