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I found teeth in my garden!

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This is a bit old but I thought I throw this out there and see where yall think they came from. The first year I moved in here with dh we dug a garden on the south side of our house. He owned the house for several years before I met him, had a bunch of college roomates here, a large Hmong family lived here before him, and then he rented to a small family. When we were tilling it up for the first time I came across some human teeth. I swear. There were a few of them. I got all into Xfiles mode but dh just kind of blew it off so I threw them away. Now I wish I hadn't. I kept trying to imagine how they got there (besides some ol' gal bumping off her husband and burrying him next to the house). Some old dude lost them while mowing the lawn?
What would you guess....??

Not that it matters now...Just curious...
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Little teeth? Big teeth. If they were little, I vote for the tooth fairy bumping into a bat and dumping her bag of teeth.

But seriously, if they were little, maybe a mother just got tired of holding on to cruddy little baby teeth and tossed them in the yard. Or maybe there was an overly-violent game of football that got out of control.

I don't know if I could have thrown them away. I may have called someone just to be safe.
Well, I think you should have called the police department, cold case guys, but then, I watch waaayyy too much CSI and scary movies
However, how about going out and seeing if you find anymore "artifacts"? Seems weird to find human teeth, especially since they seem to be adult, from your post. Or, just call law enforcement and tell them what you told us and see what they think. Won't hurt. You could have your own unsolved mystery
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They were adult teeth for sure. Dang. I shouldn't have thrown them out. I think I just did at the time because dh acted so nonchalant about it that I felt silly. Bummer.
It really makes me wonder. Don't you think the cops would just say lady, you got alot to time on your hands? As for excavating...I have tilled that garden up 4 more times since then and I've never seen anything else.
That's creepy. Who do you know who gets their teeth knocked out and nonchalantly plants them in the garden? I thought because of their enamel that they would be the last bone to break down, but I don't really know. That's the CSI-addict in me. I think I would have hung onto them for the cops too.
I would definitely keep digging around. How mysterious and creepy....
If you found remains, the police would probably dig up an area large enough to take some samples for carbon dating or whatever they do, but I don't know about just teeth. Somebody in my parents neighborhood found remains, and it ended up being Native American Burial Ground, sacred, and in the foundation of their barn. Lots of politics still flying around on that one.
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