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I found this to be weird

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I found this webpage for a downloadable book on breastfeeding. Has anyone seen this before?

The author has helped "dozens" of parents to breastfeed and has "seen just about everything and I've compiled my learnings into an e-book". As far as I can see, she has no credentials.

"Now at this point you're probably wondering how exactly we can back up what we claim. But first, let me clarify what this book is not: it is NOT a stale rehash of the boring, medical-encyclopedia type books you can buy in a bookstore. If you're a medical student, this is not your product.

However, if you're concerned parent interested in the latest research into what REALLY works for breastfeeding, explained in easy-to-understand language with no complicated technical jargon, then this is the guide you've been looking for."

"know parents who spend $200 a month on formula. Before our product, this information was really only available to those who discovered it "on accident" or could afford to hire expensive lactation consultants. If I help you breastfeed successfully, you save $2400 in the first year alone, maybe more."

If I had $20 I would order it and see what kind of advice they are giving, it seems promising:

"A surprising new discovery about breastfeeding and birth control- some books say you don't need it when breastfeeding, but we have news for you that you should consider"

"The latest recommendations on what top doctors are saying about how long you should breastfeed- this has changed recently, so make sure you know the latest research into this important subject"

"The trick to successful use of a pacifier when breastfeeding- the pacifier is a useful tool for calming babies, but if used too much it can lead to nipple confusion- learn how to balance your need for crying relief with your baby's need for consistency"

"How to breastfeed at work without causing your coworkers undue inconvenience"

"Discreet ways to breastfeed in public without anyone knowing what you're doing- if you know these techniques, no longer does breastfeeding mean being tied to your house"

"How to tell when your baby is full- look for these signs to make sure your child has had enough milk before stopping a breastfeeding session"

"How to deal with both plugged ducts and breast infection- how to tell the difference and ways to treat them- many of which are cheap and do not require a trip to your doctor"

"How to Deal With Infant Crying- Use these exclusive tips to help calm your baby and sleep through the night sooner."

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It looks like old information, re-packaged to be new! and exciting!
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If it is such great information shouldn't they be giving it out for free to poor mom's who need help with breastfeeding? I hope that some of the profits go to LLL or something like that.

The page says this:
"Safe Nursery Tips- Make sure your nursery is safe. This 5-minute spot-check could mean the difference between a safe sleeping area for your child and a potential injury."

Apparently the "techniques" don't rely heavily on co-sleeping, eh?
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Looks like she couldn't find a publisher and is taking this route instead. I don't see anything in there that seems all that new. Maybe that's why she couldn't find a publisher.
Heh, all that info is here on these very boards. Someone here is bound to know most, if not all, of that stuff.
I just scanned through it, but does she have any personal experience?
This book recently was discussed on Lactnet. Some people did some investigation into the publisher and author. The author also has similar books "secrets to" being an effective teacher, and other topics unrelated to breastfeeding. The publisher has many, many books, written with the same kind of formula and title.

They seem to be like a "coles notes" or "### for dummies" type of series. I would assume she just happens to be a breastfeeding mom, who cranks out these books on many topics, for this publisher.

I just scanned the pointers and they appeared to be the same stuff that is discussed in the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. Janice may have a good point there. A clifnote type breastfeeding book for dummies.
Seems really expensive to me considering its not a "real" book.

Maybe I'm just a cheap ass though. No, I am a cheap ass, though
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Wow, she's helped "dozens" of women to breastfeed.
That really qualifies her to write a whole book on it. I've helped dozens of women to breastfeed too and, while I feel fairly knowledgable, I would never consider myself qualified to write a book about it. La Leche League Leaders help hundreds of women to breastfeed and you don't see each and every one of them writing a book. Sorry, I'm rude.
It does seem a bit old fashioned and, well..."weird."
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Yeah, I mean I have given tips to lots of moms (some of whom used them and continued to nurse and others who found a new excuse to quit
) but that doesn't qualify me to write a book about it.

I might consider myself qualified to write up a cheap, affordable book if I was a LLL leader or something, maybe. Probably not, really.

That's why I want to become certified LC... those initials can help pave the way. In the meantime, I'll be a rogue lactivist!
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