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I like the article, and I think it raises some important issues. I think it over simplifies some things, but it state some things that are true.

My DD was also raised very naturally, also has autism, and also seems to have inherited those traits from a parent who was never diagnosed as having autism (her father).

Still, I do think that the rates are raising, even though we are doing a better job at identifying (and therefore providing interventions and support) to people with high functioning autism.

There is a genetic link to autism, and yet those genes do seem to be getting triggered more and more, and no one have ever really proven why that is happening. My DD's challenges as a child were more extreme as a child than her father's were, in spite of having more natural/attached parenting. I personally feel that the debate over vaccines misses larger points about what OTHER environmental issues are effecting this -- from air and water quality to genetically modified food.

I also think that stats on prevalence of any disability are very slippery. Definitions vary over time, diagnostic tools vary, how we count varies (there isn't someplace that all diagnosis are reported that keeps track). I'm a special ed teacher and know too much about the stats to trust her easy numbers. Even looking at the prevalence of a single disability, like intellectual disability, can have markedly different rates from state to state in the same year. Her statements about prevalence require SERIOUS documentation.
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