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I give up. I will never sleep at night ever again.

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My darling, darling baby whom I love with every ounce of my being now refuses to sleep from 1am to 6am every night. We haven't changed our routine or anything about bedtime. We've been co-sleeping and I nurse him through the night.
He roots and roots like he's hungry, I offer him a breast which he takes for a second, then he starts crying again and thrashing his arms and legs. In a few seconds, he's rooting again. I've tried giving him a pacifier. He'll accept it for a while but ultimately he spits it out and won't take it back again. I've tried swaddling him, walking, rocking, swinging, slinging, laying him on my chest, putting him in the bassinette, everything. I wish to god that I could just live with this and sleep some other time but my 4 year old gets up at 9. Kolaiah usually wakes around 8 to nurse, so I'm getting 2 hours of sleep most nights. This is not working for me. I'm delerious. Help me.
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I remember those days - the first six - eight weeks. The baby learning day from night - operating on no sleep. It's not easy with just one, and with two - well that's just not something I am looking forward to either. Can you nap during the day?I assume the older one no longer naps, but can you arrange to have a few hours to sleep in the afternoon?

No advice - just empathy.

And just know that this will pass - fast.
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Many moms find if they cut ALL dairy ou of their diet, the baby feels better.

that is the most common allergen, which can cause severe nightwaking/discomfort/pain, called colic.
i agree- it sounds like something is upsetting her tummy.

ds did that if i ate something funky. especially when he was very little. i was down to tuna and spinach trying to rule out the culprit.

now it is just chocolate.

hang in there you poor thing!
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