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i took on three kids this weekend and it was TORTURE!!! i had a 2 month old (my son) as well as a 17 month old and a 4year old (my mother's foster girls)
: my parents needed a break and wanted to go on the boat. i took the girls because my mother watches my son while i am at work/school. plus they have allowed us to move in to their house so i can save more money. all i can say is i dont know how you do it. you guys are miracle workers. i could barely clean the house. i just wanted to give you all my love and say hang in there. you are doing a great job
i hope that one day i will be able to handle having another child (or two

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Originally Posted by chases_mommy
i could barely clean the house.
What what what? What is this mysterious "clean the house" of which you speak?

Congrats on surviving the weekend, and thanks for thinking of us.
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