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I got a 58 on the now what?

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My baby is 10 months old and I know that PPD can occur anytime within the first 2 years.

I also have ADD with ineffectiveness (fun!)

I'm not on any meds though because I figure the ADD I can live with.

I used to take Wellbutrin for depression which was situational (chronic illness, extended hospitalization, financial issues, marital issues) but thought it exacerbated my anxiety, so I stopped taking it.

I honestly think anxiety is my biggest issue right now. It prevents me from sleeping well (on average I get 2-4 hours a night) and obviously impacts everything else.

I printed out the quiz and will probably call my Dr but I'm wondering what I should be looking for from her. Most GPs aren't very good at prescribing anything and I don't want to start and stop and switch meds.
: I probably need an antianxiety antidepressant sort of set up. What about my already non-existent sex drive??
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Here is a thread (longggg) about natural remedies for PPD:

Here are several links about Bach Flower remedies. They are all natural, safe remedies for stress, upset, fear, depression, etc. You can select those that are best for you based upon reading about each one or taking the quiz as the remedy finder. You can choose up to 5 or so and mix a few drops of each in water and sip as needed, or take straight in the midst of a situation. These do not replace other alternative therapies, but they can help address acute situations. We use classical homeopathy and it is a wholistic health alternative that addresses depression or anxiety also.

Red raspberry leaf tea, Chamomilla tea, Kava Kava, Peppermint tea all are useful calming herbs.

Cod liver oil, flax seed oil, Acidophilus, Calcium, Vitamin A (natural not synthetic) and Magnesium all help the body utilize the sex hormones more effectively. Magnesium is low in most Americans, during menstration and postnatally. It is hard to get enough Magnesium from food. Chocolate is high in Magnesium.

"Peace & Calming" is an aromatherapy for a relaxed mind and restful sleep. Lavender for calming effects.

I don't know about acute homeopathics but I have seen Pulsatilla and Kali Phos mentioned for female hormonal changes: PMS, PPD.

Exercise, even 15 minutes of walking relieves depression temporarilly.

Epsom Salt baths, but not late in the evening as it has a rejuvenating effect.

Evening Primrose has helped me too. Progesterone supplementation is important to consider after age 35.

Increased protein and fluid consumption is important to my mood stability too.

Counselling has also helped me to put the past into perspective. Kids have a way of not knowing that they are pushing your hot buttons and childhood issues can rear up strongly.

HTH, Pat
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Wow! Thank, Pat!

Chocolate is high in Magnesium.
I think you just made my week!!
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To be more accurate, it is coca powder that is high in magnesium, rather than milk chocolate. So, dark chocolate fudge is higher.

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