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I got a response from The View!!!!!!!

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Hi Ladies!

This email arrived in my yahoo EXCITING...I cut & pasted the contents:


Thank you for submitting your idea for "The View's Have Your Say Today" segment. We are considering using your idea, and if we choose to, we'll need a recent photo of you to show during the segment. Please respond to this email and attach the photo in a jpeg file. If at all possible please try and keep the size of your photo under 1MB. If there is more than one person in the photography, please indicate in your email which individual is you.

Thanks Again,

Amy Ryder

Research Department

The View

320W 66th Street

New York, NY 1002

Good Luck ladies- we are all doing a great job spreading the word!

((( HUGS)))

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Why do they need a photo? Do they only let pretty people have their say?
what was your idea?

If they are looking for bfing mothers with really "old" nurslings, I live in NYC
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How cool!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Ladies!

What an exciting inspirational...

I didn't email them any "idea" just emailed Barbara, Elisabeth & Meredith a while ago with my disappointment especially since BF'ing is healthier for Moms & Babies. I was very matter of fact & was so surprised when I finally heard back.

I will keep you posted if they choose to do a segment with my letters.

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LOL about the pretty people comment! LOL

I have a friend who's comment was posted and they just had her picture on the screen behind them with her letter when they read it and discussed it.

I highly doubt they screen for comments from "pretty people!"
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