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I got an Ergo and....

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I love it! It came this morning and I just adore it. It is cute, comfortable, and best of all, Kaitlyn loves it! She is 28 months old and I was worried that she wouldn't like it. She hasn't been in a sling or carrier since she was 3 months old. Well, she just loves it. She has wanted to be in it all day long. She spent 3 hours in it before I finally made her come out so I can get her to play. She loves back and front carry. It is a bit tight to buckle (Jeez, I need to lose weight), but it fits. It gives me extra motivation to lose this weight so it will fit even better. I just love it though and can't wait to use it all the time on our trip (we are doing a 6 month camping trip in 10 days).
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Yep, the Ergo is great! I'm glad you love it. I'm so jealous...I wish I was going on a 6 month camping trip. It's off topic but where are you going?
Glad you and your DD love the Ergo! Just to let you know that there is an Ergo extension belt which isn't too expensive so that you can be a little more comfortable until you lose some weight.
Congrats Mama! I just got my Ergo this week too! I am feeling the Ergo love right along with you
: .

I hope you enjoy your camping trip.
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LOVE mine too. But I lost one of the chest strap pieces when doing the hip carry. BE CAREFUL not to lose it!

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LOVE mine too. But I lost one of the chest strap pieces when doing the hip carry. BE CAREFUL not to lose it!
That's a bummer. Ergo does sell replacement chest straps if you are looking.
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My 28 month old loves it as well! My sister wore dd on her back today at the farmer's market, and dd went right to sleep.

The waist extender belt might be just the ticket for you -- if nothing else, it will give you more flexibility to put the belt exactly where it's most comfy for you and snug it up properly.

I'll bet the 6 month camping trip will be a great time to lose some weight -- you'll probably be in super shape from hiking and carrying dd by the time you get back!
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