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I got Emma's 1st Birthday soaker today!! Pics!!!

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I am so happy with it! IT is adorable!!!

OH! And this was made by Leslie of ... Little Blue Frog Works I love her work! The soaker is so soft and fits great but should last a long time! Thank you!!!!
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What a special and lovely birthday present for a beautiful girl!
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its beautiful Rebecca. Emma looks adorable in it too!!
I love the colors and ruffles! What a cutie and happy birthday!!
Beautiful!! I emailed her a little while ago about doing a couple of soakers for me, I really need to get back to her. She does a great job and they are pretty reasonable!
Thanks gals. Her birthday isn't till the 17th of July but I couldn't wait to try them on her! LMAO!!! Leslie does do beautiful work! And very reasonable!!!
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She's so sweet too, we both live in Atlanta and she even offered to let me come over so she could measure my kids herself!
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