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I got it!

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Its very pretty, I am a noob but i cant figure out how to put baby in there..

im lookin on the website but still cant get it...i cant put it on lol...and i am just not sure how to put baby in so she doesnt fall out

I am not sure if once i have the sling on there is 2 layers of fabric,you know cuz its that where i put her?

or how...gosh im embarassed!!

btw its my hotsling stretch sari print
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When you have it on you should have 2 layers of fabric with the openign facing up. Simply open up those layers and this creates a "pouch" for your little one. Once in tug on the edges to make sure shes all the way in and Voila!, you're done.

ETA: Ok I just checked out the hotsling directions and its hard to see where she opens the pouch. Checkout these ones but ignore the rings and instructions for adjusting. BTW its a 5yr old doing it, so if she can you will be able to. Hang in there! Instructions
Don't be embarassed - it took me a bit, too! wemoon posted the best pictures a little while ago, here's her link:

thanks ladies!!
i looked at those wemoon pics last night and got better idea, dh helped me get her in.

she didnt seem too comfy,but she was fussy to begin w/.

i was able to nurse her in it, i am gonna try more today too,i need to master it by next week,so when i go home to chicago to visit my mom,she doesnt complain about the sling...

Thanks a ton!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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