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I got mommy time today

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I love my ds but I really needed to have some mommy time. So I went to our saturday market got a chai tea and walked around it was great. I wasnt gone very long but it really rejuved me. What do you do for your mommy time?
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Honestly, I sometimes leave dh and G home to run to the store and when I'm away, I just want to be back home. I suppose it may be because I am gone during the week for work.
It sure is wonderful to have a bit of mommy time! My mommy time generally involves a quick trip to the grocery. But a couple of weeks ago, I went to the local knitting guild for 2 hours of knitting and talking to adults! It was so nice, and such a treat to come home and find that Daddy and Zane had a great time.
Woo hoo!
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So far I have gone to the local coffeehouse to have coffee and chat with friends, dinner with a friend, a trip to the mall, and breakfast out by myself. Oh, I have gone to see a movie by myself. My dh works from home so really there are times when I just want to have my own space and need to get out. I always feel so refreshed when I come back from Mommy time. On average I get out every week and half for about an hour by myself.

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