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I got my stash now i am ovewhelmed lol

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Ok my cotton babies order has came in.
I have 16 prefolds all bleached, 6 were suppose to be unbleached but I think they are out of them..
I got a butternut bum genius 2.0 one size
I got a bum genius deluxe bamboo fitted that is sooo freaking soft
my baby legs came Olive/khaki stripe
I have 3 cotton inserts(which diapers are these for?)
I got a hemp babies diaper doubler
I got my stay dry doublers

I don't have any detergent yet to wash them. Steve has been using my van all week so I can't go and get any.
I am going to buy Country Save once i can go to the health foods store. But at first I will probably use purex free and clear or Sun Free since it's cheap and I can get my hands on it tonight

How do I wash all of this? I figure I will wash my prefolds in one load
then I can wash my doublers and inserts in another load?

They all came with washing instructions but i wanted to make sure to not mix them together and what i can wash together does that make sense.

I'll be glad when I learn all of this so i can get started and then have a routine.

Oh I also got my 2 bummis super whisper wrap covers. Do i have to pre wash them too ?

This isn't all of my stash I also have a onesize motherease intro kit.

I wanted to also add that all of it is soo beautiful the bum genius bamboo fitted is just gorgeous

i also wanted to add based off of all of that will anything that i have so far be good for overnight?
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Wow, where to start?
I would probably wash the prefolds first. They will take a few washes and drying to be ready. You could just throw the covers in on the last wash you do.
I think you could wash whatever other cotton you have, doublers and inserts with the prefolds. Although I remember reading somewhere not to have too big of a load when washing new things. Maybe to make sure they get really clean? I don't know.
I don't know anything about the Bumgenius, sorry.
I was told to wash and dry my hemp inserts alone 3 times on hot. I guess there are oils that can get on your cotton. After that you can wash them together. Kind of a pain but I did it. I have not used my hemp yet, but I have heard that is very absorbant for nighttime.
I'm no expert but have fun!
TO be honest with you I would just wash them all together, but I am not particular about laundry, even diaper laundry. LOL

If you have bleached pfs I bet they don't need as many washigns to be prepared.
You want to wash your prefolds (and dry them) multiple times to get max absorbancy...but since yours are bleached, it won't take as long as unbleached ones I believe. DO NOT wash your hemp with your other dipes yet....the hemp needs to be washed alone 3-6 times on hot before you can throw it in with your other stuff...and I'd probably wash your Bum Genius by themselves too (you can throw your covers in with these as well)...just the first few times....if you wash them with the prefolds (which would be fine to do), you might get a lot of lint from the prefolds all over the other won't hurt anything though. Your doublers that aren't hemp could be washed with your prefolds or your BG's but I'd probably wash them with your BG's at first...just until you can throw your prefolds and BG's in together. I wouldn't use any "free and clear" detergents on this stuff because MOST of them contain optical brighteners....but I think that's more of a problem with your pocket dipes (The BG 2.0) if I'm not mistaken...definitely switch to the Country Save as soon as you can.....and remember if you get leaks or things aren't as absorbant as you imagined at first...keep washing...the absorbancy gets better with multiple washes and dries.

As far as nightime, I'd probably try the BG fitted or the prefolds...the BG 2.0 has those stretchy tabs at the top and are known to wick moisture sometimes...esp overnight or if your child sleeps on his/her side....THe BG fitted should be pretty absorbant since it has a MF insert sewn into it but I hear you can't beat a good washed and fluffed prefold for I'd try might need to use an extra prefold folded up or a doubler of some sort inside the prefold...but it's all trial and error really.

Oh and if you only have the one hemp doubler/insert....and don't want to wash it all by itself that many times...I've heard you can boil them to remove the oils quickly...maybe someone else on here will know if that's okay to do...
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Thanks alot!
Well i found out that the health food store that is near me doesn't carry country save anymore they carry 7th generation and on the website that I found that recommends teh diff detergents to use that one is horrible for cloth diapers. It recommends that you avoid it.

I had read off that the sun free and the purex free and clear were ok

How can i tell when my prefolds are ready ?

Some have suggested 7 times both wash and drying..
someone else has said 5 will do.

I'd of much rather have gotten the unbleached but they were all out
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I use Charlie's Soap powder on a lot of my stuff but I also like Planet liquid detergent (I found that at my local health food store and it gets GREAT reviews! I will probably switch to that full time once my CHarlie's is all gone since there is some controvsery over whether or not Charlie's is okay or not...I have not had issues with it yet though and love it so far) Check out this link for laundry detergent info....there is a list compiled of what's good, okay and not acceptable...and it's seperated by top loading washer vs front loading washer too....and what works for some people won't necessarily work okay for you and vice versa....someone else may have tons of issues with a certain detergent that never causes you any problems....

As far as the prefolds...I would wash them probably at least 3-5 times before using them (dry them in between washes)...since they are bleached, they should be "ready" sooner than unbleached ones...I only have unbleached ones and I had to wash them 7-10 times before they were ready. Maybe try washing and drying yours 3 times and just plan to use 2 prefolds at first (one folded inside the other one) or plan to use a doubler or something until you've used and washed them a few more times....they should look fluffier and feel softer when they're ready. I think unbleached prefolds are more absorbant than bleached ones but I'm not sure....

Good luck with everything!!!!
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Yea that is the link that I have been referencing so far i am gonna have to check out my local grocery store, we live very rural so i don't have much luck finding what i want
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I washed my unbleached prefolds 3 times, then started using them know ign the absorbancy wouldn't be great at first, but all those washes made me feel icky. And to be honest there was not that much of a difference, nbs need to be changed so often that absorbancy is not usually a huge issue at first(for most babes).
I figured they would get good in ready within a week or so with the washes I did when they got dirty.
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