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I got some more wool!!

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So my mom, who said I was nuts for cd'ing, has knit me two more soakers
I know she can knit like a fiend, but somehow it's all the more beautiful when it's a soaker :LOL

Click on Sophie's soakers, the bottom row are the new ones.

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I love the garter stitch. I have started doing that with my sons soakers and have found that they "absorb" a bit better
Gorgeous! My mom crochets like a fiend, and I have convinced her to bring her crochet hooks when she comes to visit next month so we can shop for locally spun wool at the markets and she can whip up soaker shorts for the buggle whenever her hands are empty!
ooooooh pretty. i love love love that avacado soaker too!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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