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I got some tea tree oil, now what do I do with it?

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Can some one tell me what to do with the tea tree oil, I hear people talking baout it, so I bought it, even though I don't have a clue what it does or what to do with it

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I think most people add it into the wipe solution. Add a few drops into the water, to prevent mildew or so. It's antibacterial.

You can also try to add a few drops in the last rinse cycle when you wash your diapers. I tried once and the diapers came out freshie!
I add a couple of drops to the second rinse cycle every time I wash my dipes. It's a little extra anti-bacterial protection for them.
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Here's my favorite use of TTO - I get a fairly cleen wipe or washcloth and hold it over the top of the TTO bottle, I invert, then throw the wipe/cloth into the wash, usually my rinse or second rinse (out of 2). I just reuse the same cloth for each wash, but that is because I have a baby washcloth with dorky print that I hate

The dipes smell sooooooo good!
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