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DS and I have bronchitis. UGH! Since I've been coughing so badly all week I had started spotting a little bit.<br><br>
The exact same thing happened when I got the flu at 13 wks pg with DS and everything was fine, but I got a little paranoid anyway. So I found out my sister has a doppler she's been renting for her pregnancy and my mom brought it over to me yesterday.<br><br>
I got a STRONG FAST heartbeat in just a few seconds. It was so reassuring to hear that sound. DS got a big kick out of it too! He grinned and patted his chest when we said we were listening to the baby's heartbeat. It was so cute!<br><br>
I had sort of planned to avoid doppler/us this pg, but I'm really glad I went ahead and used the doppler yesterday. Suddenly the baby seems so REAL now.<br><br>
(Holy cow!! I'm going to have TWO kids in just a few short months!!)
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