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I got to meet an awesome WAHM!

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I recently found out that Leslie, of, lives in Albuquerque. We were trying to set up a time to meet, then both turned up on a freecycle list and she responded to one of my posts, not knowing it was me! I met her last night at her house to pick up some stuff she very generously gave my aunt who is moving. She was so nice, great sense of humor! And her boys are adorable.
We're going to get together again at the park. It was so cool to meet someone that you're on the same "wavelength" with!
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Wow- that is So cool! I've spoken with Leslie via emails several times and done business with her. She seems like a great person.
ohh so you are the one Leslie was talking about, LOL

I have yet to meet her in person but we talk all the time on AIM, we just live too far away. Though we were suppose to meet this summer when she brought her oldest to space camp, that happens to be in my state.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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