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I guess I need more info about wool

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We are newly CDing our 12 mo dd
. This is our first week and I am so far quite happy with prefolds, BSWW and some contours. I need more covers and must admit I haven't given much thought to wool, but I'm reading a lot of posts that indicate people really like wool covers. Why? I think of wool sweaters - itchy and hot. I confess complete ignorance about this issue and would really like to know more. How do they work? Also what exactly is a soaker? At first I thought it was like a doubler, 'cuz it sounds like it gets wet, but if you're using it as a cover or as clothes I guess it doesn't get wet? I'm just confused but want info. It's hot here now and I want to keep my gal comfy.

Thanks in advance - I've gotten a lot of good info and I've only been a member here since yesterday
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Wool soakers are pull-on diaper covers. I know it's confusing because the word "soaker" is also used to mean an absorbent cotton or hemp pad in a diaper. Wool soakers are not scratchy or hot. They are actually soft and cool. (I find that the hand-knit merino soakers are much softer than wool fabric wraps. Some wool fabric wraps actually feel a little scratchy to me, but I have SUPER sensitive skin. Anyway, the hand-knit merino soakers are like BUTTER. *Nothing* scratchy about them. They bear no resemblence to the scratchy wool in the sweaters that you have experinece with.) I love wool because it's natural and breathable and easy to care for. It's the only natural fiber diaper cover. Also, I find that wool soakers work better than diaper covers made out of any other material. They are ideal for containing any fluid that might escape from the diaper. They can catch 30% of their weight in liquid without feeling damp on the outside. Give wool a try and I bet you'll fall in love.
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Originally Posted by Sustainer
Give wool a try and I bet you'll fall in love.

: I was doubtful and clueless about wool at first, then I tried some, and now I'm hooked!
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