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i guess that's it...

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i don't know if this is actually CLW or not-- maybe with a little nudge from mom. a few months ago i felt like i wanted my then 3 yo son to wean. i tandem nurse he and his 1 1/2 yo brother and for various reasons was ready. i made a book about weaning, which he liked his dad or i to read to him but, truthfully, he wasn't that interested in weaning, even though he was down to only 3 or 4 times a week for a few minutes. i brought up the topic of a weaning party and he liked the idea-- but not if it meant he couldn't have "other side" anymore. so, i laid off. i was fine with it-- more than fine, actually, i found that i enjoyed our short nursing sessions and decided i really didn't care when he stopped.
i never got rid of the book, though, and a few days ago dh mentioned that he ds still like reading it almost every night! i had no idea (dh does books with the older while i put ds2 to bed) and he never mentioned it to me. meanwhile, a few days ago, ds had a fever and i wanted him to nurse--- he couldn't have cared less. he drank water, juice, ice, but hardly nursed at all and only when i asked him to.
this morning he was in a great mood. he said "let's have a weaning party today!" i told him that would mean that he was ready to stop other side for good. he said yes. i said maybe he wanted to think about it for a
few days cuz it's a pretty big decision-- he said he was ready. i always told him he could decide when he was ready, but i wasn't quite trusting it yet. i wondered if he really just wanted the cake and the present (this had been mentioned way back when i was trying to move it along) and he said yes-- he wanted a cup cake and a present but that he was also ready to wean. we talked for a while and i came to believe that he really was telling me it was time. he had been gradually weaning for the past year.
so, a trip to the store for cup cakes, balloons, a little gift i had hidden away, and all of us sang "happy wean day to you" and i guess we're done. we've talked about what will happen if he askes me for other side in the morning-- i'll remind him that he's a bigger guy now who has weaned but we can snuggle and hug and i'll go get him a drink in a cup--- and we're done.
i have mixed feelings. i dread the inevitable "testing" i'm sure i'll get at least once when he'll ask. i'll miss those quiet nursing moments and i dread the next illness because i've come to rely so much on powerful mama's milk but, over the past year we've developed other ways of comforting and nurturing him so i know that we are really ready to move on. i'm kinda sad but so proud that my boy made the decision.
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WTG, mama! You have done awesome with him, and sounds like he came to the decision when he was ready.
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thanks. funny how we go thru so much with our kids and, I at least, almost never stop for a second to savor what feels like a real accomplishment-- for me, that is. kwim? we do it for our kids all the time (walking, talking, potty, maybe preschoo)l but most moms are pretty hard on themselves and miss those moments we can feel good. as bitter sweet as weaning is, i think it's one of those times.
Oh, I love the idea of making a weaning book! Great idea. You've done well mama. Be proud.
just a little update... ds hadn't mentioned nursing at all all week, even though we'd been in bed in the morning, sitting on the couch and he'd seen me nusing his brother-- all the previous "triggers" for him. I was really surprised that it seemd to have ended for real. Then yesterday he saw me nursing ds2 and said "I can't do other side" but with a smile on his face and not sad about it at all really. I told him that was right and we talked for a minute about the fact that he might also have sad feelings about it sometimes, just like me,because we really liked nursing but that it's so cool to be getting bigger and doing other fun stuff. You know the drill, yadayadayada... so, all is well so far. the only thing is that he has a raging cold
: and i wish i could nurse him to get those great mama anti-bodies into him! if he gets an ear infection it would be his first and then i really might be bummed. i might have to pump and slip it to him on the sly
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