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I had an u/s and ob appointment today

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and it was a bit of a mess. The ultrasound didn't start out well, I am latex allergic and the tech came to the waiting room wearing latex gloves and touched my arm... so I started swelling. I didn't have any breathing problems this time and the benedryl helped the swelling, but I am so wiped out from the benedryl.

The ultrasound didn't get too much better. The baby's head and legs have been growing okay but there was very little abdominal growth in the last month which is a huge red flag. I now have IUGR as a diagnosis for this pregnancy as well. They figure the baby is just under 4lbs which sounds okay to me, considering I am 33 and a half weeks now and my six year old was 4lbs 1oz at 34.5 weeks and I brought her home at 3lbs 11oz.

My ob is a little ambivilant about keeping me on bedrest. It is hard to tell if the baby is better in or out and if nature wants the baby out it may be for the best. I am schedule for weekly NSTs as well as another ultrasound in two weeks to check growth.

This baby seems really strong to me, lots of movement, we watched it "breathe" and swallow on the ultrasound. I already had steriods to help with lung, gut and brain maturity so hopefully we won't have the same issues this time. Hopefully the next ultrasound will be fine and I will end up carrying to full term though so I need to stop worrying.
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I am so sorry about the latex thing. I have a betadine allergy and I have to scream everytime "NO BETADINE"

I am surprised at the IUGR unless they are considering the abdomin vs limb growth. How are YOU feeling? Do you think you should stay on bed rest longer?

Sending you some warm and fuzzy vibes. These last weeks are hard.....

Originally Posted by Foobar
I am surprised at the IUGR unless they are considering the abdomin vs limb growth.
IUGR is usually classified as symmetric and asymmetric. Symmetric growth restriction implies a fetus whose entire body is proportionally small. Asymmetric growth restriction implies a fetus who is undernourished and is directing most of its energy to maintaining growth of vital organs, such as the brain and heart, at the expense of the liver, muscle and fat. This type of growth restriction is usually the result of placental insufficiency which considering my history of placental clotting and IUGR is very scary.

Sigh, I would really like a healthy full term baby. My first has mild CP and her therapy takes up enough time and energy, physically and mentally. I really thought that after my second pregnancy, which was full term and healthy, that this one would be okay too.
Ah, Thanks for the information. A close friend had IUGR which turned out to be a fatal T-18 disorder (that the u/s caught) (not that this is your case at all) In that case, the baby was measuring 24 weeks at the 32 week appointment.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Are you close to a city with a good NICU?

Boston has some nice ones, but I am not sure how close you are to the city...
I am delivering in a hospital with a great NICU. It is actually the NICU they helicopter the central and western Masschusetts babies to when needed. There are 9 parinatologist and 6 neonatologists on staff there. So we have the covered. The great thing is it is 3 miles from my house.

I am still hoping not to have any nicu time. My 34.5 weeker came home with me on day three at 3lbs 11oz... it was a lot of work since she had suck issues as well as problems keeping her body temp, I am not sure I would do it that way again if I had a choice, especially with two other kids at home, but hopefully this one will be bigger and stronger.
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No advice, but just wanted to send along my good thoughts. What a difficult time!
Also passing along good thoughts and hoping that whenever baby arrives all is well!!
Please excuse my ignorance, but what does IUGR mean? I hope your baby arrives safe and healthy!!!

Originally Posted by *Mamajaza*
Please excuse my ignorance, but what does IUGR mean? I hope your baby arrives safe and healthy!!!
IUGR stands for inter uterine growth restriction

Thanks!! I really want a healthy baby
I just wish it were easier for me to grow nice big healthy babies.
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Hopefully this one won't need a NICU stay. It's always good to know that there is a place nearby JIC.

I know you want to have healthy babies. But it sounds like you have wonderful children. You are doing good by them still....
Sorry that you're dealing with this stress. Hoping for a healthy and full term baby for you!

BTW, sorry to be ignorant but what is CP?
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