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I had no idea I was pregnant bc I did not have a period after a miscarriage

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I went to the doctor complaining of ill-functioning digestion, liver pains, and wondering about possible gall-stones or problems in the pancreas. I was getting a full-abdominal ultrasound, and the doctor said: we can't do the ultra sound as planned, because you are pregnant. And not just a little pregnant: 17 weeks pregnant!

I have been doing all kinds of yoga poses that are strictly not recommended when pregnant, drinking more coffee than usual to get my brain back, I had been crying all the time due to a miscarriage in January that was frankly much more difficult than I imagined and I lost my father in February. Now I see that despite all the loss and stress and mourning, this baby really wanted to live. I have wanted to get pregnant for at least two years after having a wonderful natural birth with my daughter who is seven.

I'm a little worried though: I was convinced I had menopause and was taking Chinese herbs (including dong quai), drinking tons of ginger to cure some colds I caught due to a combination of emotional and work-related stress, I was using cascara sagrada and other herbs to deal with an incredibly sluggish disgestion system. Is my baby ok? I still can't believe I'm pregnant. When we all found about this little one, s/he has exploded and I'm into maternity wear and the pregnancy is undeniable.

I'm living in Lima and I have to fly back to New York in August, when I'll be over six month's pregnant. Will it be dangerous to fly such a long flight (8 hours)? Should I cut my work-related stay here short or try to stay here until I give birth? Is there anything I should do to make the sure the baby was not damaged when i did not know about her existence? Can I trust the due date that the US guy gave me based on the baby's head size?

This pregnancy I've had a lot less appetite than last time. I assume this is because I had already put on a lot of weight during the 3 months with the baby that miscarried. Another difference, my gums are killing me. I'm a lot older (43), and I know each pregnancy is different. Should I just learn to deal with the aching gums or are there remedies? I assume it is because the baby is sucking up some calcium. In general, I have trouble absorbing nutrients. What is the most absorbable form of calcium?

Lastly, the doctor prescribed coffee enema 1/day to support my liver. It has been truly a revelation because I have had nonstop cleansing of materials (runny stool with floating particles) that seem liver-related for the two days I did it. But I'm anxious about continuing. What are the negative side effects?

Thanks in advance! I love this magazine and its values and I know there are a lot of wise women out there who are going to have amazing advice for me.
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Congrats on your little surprise baby! I can't give you much advice on the health questions you asked, but I just wanted to say that you have a lot to process right now really quickly, so just give yourself some permission to relax. If you had known you were pregnant, would you have made different choices?.. sure. But you didn't know, so you can only do your best from here on out. There's no need to worry about it now. Unnecessary stress on your body from worrying is probably worse for the baby!

Flying at 6 months pregnant is fine, just be sure to get up and stretch on the flight as much as possible. And if you are looking rather large at that time, you could always get a note from your Doctor to bring along with you, just in case any of the airport folks give you grief.

And congrats again on your new LO!
i dont know about the herbs but i do know flying is not aloud at a certain time during pregnancy so you might wanna ask your doctor congrats though
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