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I have wanted a uc with my last two babies. My last baby I had a great delivery with only my husband and midwife there. Her assistant didn't make the birth, I delivered in under two hours. My midwife was only there 30 min. before birth and knew I wanted hands off. She was great to leave me to myself and I caught that baby myself. But she was still coaching me and the examined me after, etc. It was almost perfect.

With this baby I really wanted to have a uc without a midwife. My husband was real nervous so I consented to having a midwife again. We have moved since the last birth so I had to find a new midwife. I didn't find the right one until I was 30 + weeks along. I always go 2 weeks late even after adjusting for a long cycle. Soooo I was aproaching my states arbitrary deadline of 42 weeks and getting very stressed. Saturday morning I was driving my husband crazy with my stress because I didn't want to do anything to induce the baby. I knew that I could take caster oil, use cohosh, etc but my last labor was so great and I thought a lot of it was because I didn't induce.
Anyway, my husband finally said that we could just wait and see that I didn't have to induce.

It's easy to say, it's another to do; what do you say to the midwife, family, etc. Later that night I decided to check myself and did a deep squat and my water broke. Yes, I knew I wouldn't much longer! I'd had my water break before labor with several other kids. One labor started within minutes, one it took about an hour to start and one didn't start for 12 hours. So I didn't call my midwife because I didn't want her rushing over only to spend the night waiting on me. Because I have very fast labors once they start I knew that this is what she would do. I really didn't want to be watched over.

My husband and I watched the news and discussed our options. I was not having contractions just cramps. I finally decided to get in the tub to try to relax the tension I felt in my back. I got in the tub and felt better. I listened to my husband watching an episode of hogans heros and breathed through a couple of contractions. I'd been in the tub about 30 minutes. My husband asked if we should call the midwife I said no that I didn't think this was real labor yet because I could talk throught the contractions and hogan's heros was not annoying me.

Fifteen minute passed and I had two really strong contractions that I had to concentrate with and said maybe he should call the midwife. When he got off the phone he asked if I was pushing, I didn't think so, he thought I was and went to wake one of our daughters that had expressed an interest in seeing the birth. She came into the bathroom and I told them that I wasn't ready for her to be there yet. She wanted to go back to bed so my husband left the room with her and WOW!, I pushed out his head! It was amazing. It turned and I played with his little ears and touched his chubby cheeks. I heard my husband come back into our bedroom and called that there was something he might want to deal with in a calm voice. I had set a couple of turds on the side of the tub and that's what he saw. Then I said there was something else and pushed the baby the rest of the way out and picked him up out of the water!

Wow!! It was amazing. I cuddled him and he turned pink. My midwife was there 15 minutes later after the kids came up to see him. She had me push out the placenta and helped us cut the cord but I didn't want to be checked. I knew I hadn't torn and it was great not to be poked and examined.

So I got my uc after all. It was wonderful and empowering and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!
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